Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goodbye to Enopi

I started attending Enopi when I was 5 1/2 years old. I would consistently attend my classes and complete the worksheets as required at home everyday. At each session, I am given 4 booklets of Maths and 2 booklets of Critical Thinking of which half has to be completed during class, and the remaining to be completed at home.

From Enopi, I have learnt to do Maths exercises faster than before. I am able to perform addition and subtraction easily. There is no secret formula given. I believe it's all about practice, practice and practice.

I started learning multiplication at Enopi. Mami feels that it is a little too early to learn this now, so, she has decided to stop my Enopi classes. To make up for this, she has prepared her own multiplication questions in an exercise book for me to do daily. She would repeat the 2 and 3 timestable everyday until I am able to answer them fairly quickly before moving on to 4, 5 ..etc...timestable.

Will I return to Enopi sometime later? I don't think Mami is keen. She believes that Enopi is excellent for ages 4-6 years old. It certainly provides a good foundation in Maths. Once Primary One starts, Enopi would not help in the Primary One syllabus. However, the discipline of practising Maths daily has to maintain.

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