Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kingdom Legos for Christmas from Ah Mah

If you have read my Shaun Shaun TiTi's blog, you would have known that today, I could choose my very own Christmas present at Toysrus. Ah Mah did not know what I wanted for Christmas, so, I was as free as a bird to land at any section within the toy shop.

I went hunting from one section to another for about 20 minutes but could not find anything. I felt disappointed and went to Mami for help. Mami asked what I liked to do. I said that I didn't know.

Mami followed me to every section within the toy shop again and we were both clueless. Finally Mami suggested for me to look at some Legos. I knew Legos were expensive, but I was really interested in the Kingdom Lego collection. When Ah Mah came to me, she immediately encouraged me to buy, since I liked it.

There were about 4 boxes of Lego to choose from, all within the Kingdom range. Out of 4, I was contemplating between 2 sets. Both sets were RM119.90 and RM129.90 respectively. In the end, Mami said "Why don't we'll just get both sets which you like". I asked Mami why? She said that one set will be from Ah Mah and another set will be from Mami & Dadi. I was really happy.

I went back with a great big smile. I immediately opened one and built it once I arrived home.

Please allow me to introduce my Legos....

This is the castle of the Dragon Knight.
It's a bad knight because it is black in colour.
There is a bad black horse being attacked by a good white knight.

This is the castle of the Lion Knight.
It belongs to good Knights because it's white in colour.
Can you see the Black Knight attacking this castle?

I managed to complete the first box of Lego.

Thank you to Ah Mah, Mami and Dadi (eer......I know that Dadi doesn't know about this) for my Christmas Presents.

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