Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dadi.... look at what I made?

This post is dedicated to my Dadi who is currently in Jeju Island for a conference.

Dadi...Dadi.... look what I built for Shaun Shaun TiTi and I to play with.....

I have named my vehicles and here it goes...

This is called "Tank Plane" on my runway track.
My Tank Plane has guns on its wings. It also has a special light to see in the dark.

This is called "Gun Car". It is parked on a track.

This was built for Shaun TiTi. He has a gun, short car and an aeroplane.
Are they nice and beautiful, Dadi?


William said...

Wow! you are so creative, Benjamin

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you Dadi. Faster come back and I'll make a new one for you.