Monday, March 26, 2012

The Type of Girl I call "Pretty"

Mami likes to interrogate me to find out my opinion of the type of girl I would classify as "Pretty". Mami is beginning to worry about my choices of "pretty" girls. Why? I need to pen it down here so that I get to read this when I am older.

Below is Mami's qualification of a girl she prefers me to marry in the future:

1) Must be a Godly woman
2) Loves me very much
3) Preferrably Chinese. Why? Because Mami is a Chinese?????
4) Preferrably comes from a small family. Why? Because she feels that the smaller the family, the less conflicts there are within a family. Mami comes from a small family and Dadi too.
5) Preferrably stays in Cheras. Why? So that I would stay here Mami after I get married.

So back to the interrogation. Mami is beginning to realise that I find darker shaded girls pretty. Previously when I was in kindergarden, I like a girl who was mixed. Now, in my school, I told her who I find pretty and she is also mixed. So, I guess Mami's number 3 criteria above may be a challenge for her....or for me.

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