Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes I get jeolous too

There are times that I get jeolous over my little brother. I feel jeolous when Mami praises Shaun for being a good boy, or for playing the piano well or for completing his homework. I don't get the same amount of praises from her. I certainly don't get praised for completing my homework. In fact, I deserved to be praised because I complete my homework independently and without being told everyday. Mami doesn't even check my written answers on my books. On the other hand, Mami would be calling for Shaun Shaun to come and complete his homework. She praises him everytime Shaun shows her his work, even after writing just one alphabet.

Yesterday was Shaun TiTi's mini concert at Yamaha. He started off a song a little wrongly, but of course he was still the best performer for the night. Mami praised Shaun Shaun for a job well done before bed. My expression changed and Mami realised it. She asked me why.

I told Mami about how jeolous I was. She didn't praise me for helping her and Shaun Shaun in the mini concert. I was the one who practiced with Shaun Shaun the entire week to prepare him. I was the one who prepared the sound and rhytm settings on the Electone yesterday before Shaun Shaun played his songs. I was the one who taught Shaun Shaun how to give a short introduction in the concert.

Mami immediately hugged and kissed me. She said sorry and she said that she was about to come over to me to thank me. She knew how good I was in helping her especially when Mami was in pain last week with her leg.

Mami then said, "Benjamin, Mami will always be very proud of you. Always remember that no matter what happens, whether you have made a mistake, whether you were a little naughtly, Mami will always be proud of you. You have set an excellent example for your little brother". I hugged Mami and told her that I knew. She has told me this many times. I guess I just needed some reassurance from her.


Little Kit Boy said...

Little Ben, praises is just a form of motivation but when comes to 'proud' this word, is an assurance. You get what I mean?

Keep it up and I'm sure not only your mamy is proud of you, but your daddy too. Believe me.

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you aunty to Kit boy.

Ann said...

Awww.....good of you Ben to talk to mummy and not hide your feelings. You are really such a excellentbig brother and such a good son. Even I am proud of you. What more mummy and daddy.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I like your straight forwardness with your mami and not hide away your feelings from her. I think both you and your titi are so lucky to have such a great mummy!

ChloeRuoyi said...

It is okay to get jealous once in a while... all kids do :) You are a very good boy and you never fail to touch auntie's heart with your sensibility and maturity. If there is anything more worthy than praises, auntie will give you all of it! :)

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you to all the aunties for your kind words and praises.