Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Memories of Music when I was a baby

Since I was a baby, music has been very significant to me. Even when I was in Mami's womb, I would always hear Mami singing a cute song while touching her belly with the following lyrics:

Benji, Benji, how are you today?
Are you happy, my dear Benji?
You know, Mami loves you.
And Dadi loves you too
My dear Benji, My dear Benji
Oh.. how we love you so.

When I was born, there was one Christian Lullaby (amongst the many other CDs) which our Church Hazel Cell Group gave. It's called "I Love You". It contains songs of love and blessings from a mother's heart. Mami loves the songs in the CD and she would constantly play this CD in my room while I was sleeping.

For those who have babies, trust me on this. This is a great CD which not only touches the heart of a child, but the words are also very meaningful to all mommies. The songs are like prayers from a mother's heart to her little ones.

I was quite a fussy baby. Whenever I refused to drink milk, Mami would have to play some songs on the piano. The moment she stopped playing, I would also stop drinking. I don't remember doing it all the time, but most of the time if I knew that Mami was at home. The amazing thing was that I would not demand for it when she was out working.

I enjoyed being carried to sleep. It was certainly not easy to put me to sleep. I had to be rocked, with a song. Mami had to sing songs continuously till I slept in her arms. I wouldn't even allow her to sit. She had to carry me till I slept. She carried me until I was 2 years old.

What were my favourite songs back then? Mami memorized at least a dozen of Barney songs. Sometimes, she would sing some Christian songs, but there was one Christian song which was my all-time favourite. Mami had to sing the song over and over and over and over again... probably about half a dozen times. It was the song "Through It All" or some would call it "You Are Forever In My Life". It was also Mami's favourite song at that time.  Because I heard it so many times, I could sing the entire song myself at the age of 3. Another song which I could sing at that age was "Won't You Lord, Take a Look At My Hands".

I loved drumming at the age of 3. My teacher from my Montessori Kindergarden back then commented to Mami that I had a good sense of rhythm. Dadi and Mami were keen to start me of with drumming lessons but unfortunately most music schools did not accept me then. That was when Dadi and Mami enrolled me to Yamaha Music School for music classes at the age of 4.

I love music. I guess music has been part of me since I was still in my Mami's womb. I hope to be able to excel in this passion of mine.


LittleLamb said...

heheheeh next time can join music ministry in church :)

Little Kit Boy said...

I'm sure you can, Ben Ben. Keep it up.

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you. Mami says that I should not take my passion and talent for granted. So, I need to be hardworking and work on it.