Thursday, January 04, 2007

Doc's visit

Had to see a doctor again. Yes....AGAIN! Had a lil' flu, then a lil' cough, and today, a lil' fever. Everyone is sick. In Ipoh, Joel titi was sick with flu and cough. Ah Mah has cough and Dadi has flu.

Poor Mami had to bring me to Doctor Vernon again. As usual, i cried as soon as i entered the room. Doc was trying to make friends with me. He showed me a zebra, while checking my chest. He taught me that zebra sounds like this...."Meow meow", and zebra doesn't wear bra. It only wears a zip. Is that true??

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jin ren said...

Aiyoo...that dr.vernon use that same joke on me la!!!!!!!! Hmph!