Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lost & Found

Things have been very different lately. Last week, mami has been missing. She's lost during the day. I can't seem to find her anywhere. I've checked the kitchen, her room, bathroom.... I just can't find her. Ah Mah and Kakak said mami is working. Huh?

Then, in the evenings, mami appears....You know where? At the car porch. To conclude, she is lost during the day, and can be found only night. Hhmm.... funny huh?

This week, it's dadi's turn. Dadi is worst. He's lost during the day, and cannot be found during the night. What's wrong with everyone??? It's making me cranky ! ! ! I just don't understand. . .

Mami has gone back to Hong Leong Bank to work and Dadi has gone to Hawaii for a business trip for a week. Poor Ben . . . Missing his playmates.

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Aunty Sukim said...

Mami must earn more money to buy more toys for you, Ben Ben!! Don't worry la..Mami still think of you and probably miss you ALOT!!!!!

Joanne.... so "gwai" la you!!! Did VK lure u back in?????