Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Dadi around

Dadi is not around to play with me today. I'm so sad. Mami said Dadi is away working and will be back in 3 days time. Then I can see Dadi a-while, and then Dadi will not be around again. Dadi is going outside the country for another 9 days. Wah..... First i must count from 1 to 3, then I can see Dadi. When Dadi disappears again, i need to count from 1 to 9. I think i better start counting so that i can see Dadi fast fast.

Mami: Dadi is on a business trip to Penang till Saturday evening and will be flying off to Japan for another business trip for 9 days. Mami and Ben Ben will be missing Dadi.

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