Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cane - Cane

Lately I have been hearing the word "Cane-Cane-ah". Mami bought two wooden long rulers (the ones Nicolas koko uses in school), one placed downstairs, the other upstairs. Not sure why she needs to many. Worst of all, the ruler has the name "Benjamin". Mami said that it means it is used for Ben Ben only. Not to be used on others.

She said that if Ben Ben is naughty, Mami would take the ruler and cane-cane Ben Ben. I very scared. Now, whenever I do something dangerous, or disobey, Ah Mah or Mami will say "Ben!! Cane-cane-ah!!!". Don't play play. They really cane-cane me. Show me the cane and I will obey. Sob....sob....sob....

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