Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dadi's day

Mami said that today is Dadi's day. So, I was supposed to wish my Dadi "Happy Dadi's Day". I wanted to, but i don't know how to say it yet. So, i was supposed to draw draw in a special card that Mami bought earlier, but...... Mami forgotten where she hid it from Dadi. Sigh.... Mami-ah, so careless. Anyway, i gave Dadi 3 hugs for Dadi's day this morning before he left to the airport to Japan.

Also, I gave a card to Yeh Yeh last week and Mami held my hands to write "Happy Yeh Yeh's Day" on the card. Good boy or not?

1 comment:

Alvin said...

good boy..ben ben..

you must know daddy is working very hard, so must learn to understand, okay?

good boy, ben ben

khai yer