Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh no . . . I'm in trouble . . .

Before i share my bad news, i'll share my good news with you first. The good news is . . .Yeh! Yeh! No more rushing to go to school ! ! First of all, it's school holiday! Next, Mami has decided to stop sending me to school for the time being. Phew! Isn't that wonderful? Tell you why . .

I joined a class with friends between ages 18 months to 3 years old. Everyone had to go through exams. I was barely a week old and then got exam already. The exam was very funny. Everyone had to queue in front of the board and teacher will point at the board to ask what it was. They had exams on alphabets, shapes and colours.

I always like to help my friends mah, and i don't like to queue up. Super boring waiting. So, i ran to the front and answered for my friends. Teacher was very angry because she was unable to examine the other students properly. Sigh..... Like that also i got into trouble.

Mami decided to stop me to stop classes because I would hardly listen to the teacher. Mami decided to teach me at home every night instead. Yeh! Yeh! No more exams ! ! !

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