Thursday, January 05, 2012

Super Duper Light School Bag

I am so happy when I came back from school. I told Mami that my school bag was really light because I only need to bring back books which requires revision or homework and my homework book.

I have a green homework book. I am supposed to write my homework in this book and my parents would need to check them and sign in the homework book to ensure that I had completed my work. 

It is also a communication book. If there are notes for parents, I would need to write it into the book for my Dadi and Mami to read. If there is anything which I need to buy, Mami is able to request my teacher to buy and Mami would have to just give me the money in a sealed labelled envelope to be paid to my teacher. Teacher understands that some parents are unable to come to the bookshop to buy. The teachers will buy on our behalf.

This is my Homework Book

Notes that I write in my Homework book

Other than my homework book, I only had my Science Textbook and BM Workbook today. If a textbook is being used by the teacher, we are requested to bring it back to do revision. Same goes for our homework. All other books are left in my school desk or locker. All my "additional" exercise books are also left with the teachers for safekeeping.

Isn't it great that I don't need to carry my heavy books? My school bag is really super duper light.

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