Tuesday, January 03, 2012

School starts tomorrow

School starts tomorrow. I guess there wouldn't be any more "kai kai" except during the weekends occasionally. I know Mami would be emphasizing on my school revision during the weekends.

Today is a boring day for me. Dadi and Mami were very busy doing some cleaning in their room. Lots of clearing, filing and cleaning for the entire half a day. Mami gave some activities for Shaun TiTi and I to do while they were busy.

We first started to complete a Dinosaur sticker book. I took out the stickers and Shaun Shaun would stick them into the sticker book.

Then Dadi came with many Chinese New Year cards and envelopes. We were requested to write some Chinese New Year cards for my loved ones and friends. This task really took us alot of time to complete.

Ah Mah was at home with us. Ah Mah had to take care of our lunch. We ate something which I refer as "flat flat noodles".... yum yum. It's just dry organic noodles with minced meat and fish cakes. My favourite.

I did not take my afternoon nap today. I am officially a grown up boy. No more napping because I can't nap anymore from tomorrow onwards. I would come back from school only at about 3:20 p.m.. It would be too late to nap.

As today is a Tuesday, I had my individual electone class.

For the rest of the day, I watched TV and played my favourite computer game in Facebook called the Backyard Monster. I really love to play this game because I can take control of my yard. I have a monster called Drull. I have always taken this monster Drull as my pet. It's my responsibility to ensure that I feed my pet on time. I have to ensure that my yard is protected by others who would occasionally attack me to steal my resources. So, I need to have a good strategy to build my defences and position my buildings and harvesters at the right place. Doesn't it sound interesting?

I am quite sad that school starts tomorrow. It also means that I have to say goodbye to my pet, Drull. Mami promised me that she will take over the yard and feed my pet once a day. She would only allow me to feed my Drull during the weekends. Bye-bye my beloved pet, Drull.

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