Monday, January 09, 2012

School Isn't That Bad After All

Today, I came back from school happy. As I came down from Aunty Wong's van (it's an aunty who drives a small van), I ran into the house and smiled at Mami. Mami asked me how school was and I said it was ok.

I took my bathe and immediately took out all my books from my school bag. It was homework time. 

There was a little more homework today compared to last week. The homework was really simple. For mathematics, I am learning numbers 1 - 10. I needed to write them in numeric and words form. I had to also draw objects based on the numbers given.

For Moral B subject (Bible knowledge), we were given a memory verse. It was a memory verse which I memorized when I was 4 years old. It was Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth". Isn't that simple?

I had a spelling test today, and I managed to get all correct. The words were simple too. I was given ejaan words today to practice at home. It will only be tested next week.

Mami asked if I was active in class. I told her that I was a little shy, but had received some praises from some teachers. I was really happy. I was also elected as the "Leader" in class. As the leader, I am required to take care of my friends, ensure that the class is not noisy and ensure that the lights and fan in the classroom is switched off during break time. My class teacher chose me. She said that I will be the leader in the month of January. The rest of the students will be given an opportunity because the teacher will choose a new leader every month. 

There is also a duty roster for us to clean the class. There will be class inspection to see whose class is the cleanest. I hope my class would be chosen.

School is quite ok. I just dislike the long hours. It makes me really tired when I arrive home. But the teachers and friends are nice and easy to get along.

I thank God for allowing me to go to this school.

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