Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Is is already Year 2012.

As usual, we woke up early today. It's a Sunday, so, we all went to church. There wasn't any Children Ministry Class today. However, Aunty Madeline was really good. Half way through the sermon, she allowed us to go upstairs to our class and redeem gifts using our points earned from reciting memory verses. Shaun TiTi redeemed a sticker book and I redeemed a Word Search book.

We went to Great Eastern Mall after church. We ate in Cosy Corner and I ordered chicken chop with gravy. It's nice and tasty. Mami and Ah Mah bought some groceries at Cold Storage.

Shaun TiTi and I managed to take a nap and we went cycling again at the playground. I manage to cycle pretty well. I guess practise makes perfect. We spent some time on the slide and monkey bar too. I had just realised how difficult it was to swing on the monkey bar.

After our dinner, a few-doors-away neighbour was outside riding a scooter. My Shaun TiTi and I joined him outside. Not long after that, we asked permission for my neighbour to come in a play. He was also my kindergarten friend from the same class.

This is Shaun's new Cars 2 toy

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It's a great day today and I really wish that everyday is like today.... all fun, fun, fun.

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