Friday, January 13, 2012

Music Practices

Mami has been very lenient on my music practices recently. I would normally take about 1 hour to practice my music daily. 30 minutes for my JXC Yamaha lessons and another 30 minutes for my individual Electone lessons. Since school started, I have been skipping some practices.

I really need to spend more time practising as my lessons are beginning to be tougher. This Sunday afternoon, there is a concert for 3 group classes. I was requested to play a Korean Song sung by Kim Bum Soo called "Appear" from the movie Secret Garden. It's my favourite song from this Korean movie. It has a fast and catchy rhythm.

I would normally practice the song at home on my Electone. We have an Electone Stagea-Mini (ELB-01) at home. It is an Electone entry level model. However, for the concert, I would need to play on a different model this Sunday. It is an ELS-01C so called custom model, carrying a larger number of voices and other features. It really sounds different and more grand from the Stagea mini.

Because it is a different model, I was requested to come this Saturday morning to Yamaha to practice on this model. I need to wear shoes to practice too. I am pretty excited about it. This electone model feels bigger to me. I hope I can play well on this model.


Health Freak Mommy said...

WOW, practice music for 1 hour in total a day! And you have such patience for your age. Bravo and pat on your back!!

Ben and Shaun said...

Not much of a choice as Benjamin proceeds to higher levels.