Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Mami asked me this question.... "Benjamin, are you happy that Dadi and Mami had chosen this Primary School for you?". I immediately said YES! Thinking back, Mami is relief that God had chosen this school for me.

I was registered to a famous Chinese School and was accepted to the school. But Dadi and Mami agreed that I would be too fearful going to the school. They did not want to kill the spirit of independence in completing my homework. They did not want me to have too many tuition lessons (Mami can't read a single word of Chinese characters).

Dadi and Mami then explored 2 private schools in Cheras. One had a better syllabus and curriculum. However, it was much farther compared to the another. Initially, Dadi was keen to send me to the school with better syllabus. Yeh Yeh, Mah Mah and my Ah Mah all played a part in giving their feedback. They felt that the school distance should be taken as a factor. It would be pitiful for a young child to spend so much time on the road to school.

Thank God Dadi and Mami had listened to their advices. Finally they agreed to the decision to sending me to the school nearer to our home.

Reflecting back on the decision made, I am glad I am in this school. I guess when one option looks very promising, it may not be the best for me. The second option doesn't look that convincing but God knows best. Also, Dadi and Mami both believe in honouring their parents. They believe that God will bless us when we honour the decision of our parents.

Do you know why Mami feels that this is the right place for me? Because I am certainly more cheerful and joyful in this school. I am also less stressed and amazingly, I have not been thinking of my exams. Yes, I have been doing my revision, but that's it! I do not have sleepless nights, although my exams are less than 2 weeks away.

God is certainly good.

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LittleLamb said...

I am glad you made a wise decision. Hope his enthusiasm for this school will last.