Friday, May 11, 2012

I am cooking for Mother's Day

I am super duper excited. I came out with an idea that I should cook for Mami for Mother's Day. So, I picked up the phone and immediately called Dadi while he was still at work a few hours ago. I told him that he will be paired with me. I asked him what we should cook and I whispered some recipe to him. I didn't want Mami to hear my conversation. Poor Dadi, he sounded puzzled.

After putting down the phone, I asked for permission to use Mami's labtop. I googled "how to cook with halogen oven". I watched some videos on the YouTube and now I have some idea what I want to do.

I have told Mami that Dadi and I will be cooking dinner tomorrow for Mother's Day. I hope my Dadi remembers to buy all the ingredients for our menu tomorrow.

Oh... a few minutes ago, Mami received a text message saying that he is feeling very pressured. I think he doesn't know how to cook.

Wish me luck.

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LittleLamb said...

let us know the outcome ;)
Cook with love.