Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Prayer

I was chosen to sing for Teacher's Day this Friday in my school. I thank God for His favour. I was certainly delighted when I was chosen.

When I told Mami about this, I shared with Mami that it is a very beautiful song. Mami said it was indeed a meaningful song. I want to share this song here in my blog. I hope that this song can be every child's prayer.

Dear God,
thank you for loving me,and giving me your all.
When I grow up,I will still be serving you.
I want to know you more, I want to love you more.
I'll never forget you,Lord.
In Jesus' name,amen.

I want to know You Lord 
You are a great big God 
I'm young and do not know a lot 
Come and be my all 
I want to Love You more 
Giving you my life and all 
You die for me you’ve sacrificed. 
I won't forget You Lord 

I love You Jesus 
I will grow up knowing you 
I love You Jesus 
I will grow up serving you 
I love You Jesus 
My life is saved by you 

I will never forget never forget,
I will grow up knowing you

You can watch this song in YouTube:

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