Thursday, May 03, 2012

Birthday Presents for my 7th Birthday

I am very blessed to have so many birthday presents. I thank God for them. Here are some presents received....

From Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah. The books are really good.
I started reading the book about Animals.
It's very easy to read.

This was from Aunty Julie.
She also gave a birthday treat by paying for my
roller blading entrance fee.

This is from Aunty Shireen. It's a 3D Crystal Puzzle.

This is from Aunty Jenny. A photo frame and it is
sitting in my room so that I can see it
before I sleep every night.
This is Mami's favourite photo of her
precious boys.
There were other presents. Ku Ku and Ah Kim bought me a Dino Lego, Ah Mah bought me a Transformer space ship, Ku Ku bought me an Uno Stacko and Chinese Chess, and Dadi bought me XBox Kinect.

I am very blessed.


Leona said...

Nice pressies, Ben!
Hapi belated bday!!!

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you. Thank God for His blessings.