Friday, October 07, 2011

Passion for Music

I love Music and my music teachers would always tell Mami that I am talented in music for my age. I can proudly say that I am pretty good, but I am better if I am more hardworking in practising.

I have 2 music teachers. On Thursday nights, I attend the JXC book 1 class at Yamaha Music Centre. It is a group class, but more focused in playing the Piano. Mami accompanies me during the classes. On Tuesday afternoons, another teacher comes to my house to teach me the Electone. I have a Piano and an Electone at home.

It really helps with Mami knowing how to play the Piano. She is able to guide me and teach me everyday. It also means that Mami is strict with me in ensuring that I practise both the Piano and Electone every single day (sometimes I get to skip my practise during the weekends...heh..heh..)

I am progressing well. I progress faster in my individual class at home because I am able move forward at my own pace. I definately spend more time practising the Electone because it is much harder to learn. I am going to complete my Electone book 2 and Mami had just bought me the Electone book 3. Yey.....

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