Sunday, October 16, 2011

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

It was the 2nd last day of the sale, and I managed to get an opportunity to go to the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. Mami and I followed Ah Ku's family there yesterday evening.

There wasn't many crowd, and many books left. We didn't buy many books, but my cousin Nicolas Kor Kor bought alot of comics and horror stories.

I'm still glad that I went for the book sale. I am very happy with one of the book which I selected. The next morning, I was busy walking around with my book.

We also remembered to buy a few books for my Shaun TiTi. He was happy and read one of the books last night before bedtime.

P/S Daddy is in Geneva now. Daddy ~ can you see a book with your name on it? It was bought just for YOU!


William said...

Thank you Ben for thinking of Daddy. I hope you can read the book for me when I return from Geneva... Love you and titi lots.

Ben and Shaun said...

OK Daddy, I will read for you. I will practice reading first.