Saturday, October 22, 2011

I went to Logos Hope

I finally had the opportunity to go to Logos Hope. I was quite sad when I couldn't go initially. Dadi is in Geneva and Mami doesn't want to bring my Shaun TiTi. My Ah Mah was not keen to allow me to go, due to the distance.

It was so kind for Aunty Kay to agree to allow me to join her family to Logos Hope. She even took my cousins along (Nicolas Kor Kor, Ashley Cheh Cheh and Tobin TiTi). We had lots of fun and laughter.

Before leaving, Mami suggested for me buy some Enid Blyton books. Books which I could read, and of course... no baby books. Mami gave RM100 to Aunty Kay to buy the books chosen, and I....eer......eer.....spend ALL of it. In fact, I owed Aunty Kay RM5.00.

I bought many books and a little small items.

The books I bought. The 3 Enid Blyton books are hardcovers in every page.
One Thomas and Friends book for my Shaun TiTi.

A poster of Flags around the world.
I initially wanted to buy the Multiplication Timetable,
but Aunty Kay discouraged me.

I purchased some small items, like a football keychain, bookmarks and a super jelly ball.

What was Mami's response to my purchases??? Well, it was my first shopping spree on my very own. I chose everything myself without knowing how to add the cost to it. I guess she forgave me after seeing that I really did buy some Enid Blyton books.

Finally, I would like to thank Aunty Kay, and the 2 Cheh Chehs for bringing me there and taking good care of me. Thank you for the ice cream treat too.

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William said...

Wow, Ben is becoming quite the shopper....