Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finally, A Medal For Sports Day

I am so happy. I am so so happy. Today was my school's Sports Day. I was initially disappointed that I was not selected for the 100m race for boys event. The school will normally select best two from each house colour. I came in third.

I did not attend Sports Day last year, as it was too far for Mami to drive. Dadi was away at that time. I did not win any medal when I was in Primary One. So, today marked the day I won my first Sports medal from school. I participated in the Year 3 Telematch, and my house came in first. I was the last boy in the telematch to bring in the gold medal into my house team. I was so so happy. My good friend in front of me carried me up to express his joy for winning.

I thank God that He is a gracious God. I prayed hard this morning for myself and for Shaun TiTi to win a medal today. He has also miraculously gave Shaun a bronze medal for his 50m run for boys. It was really tough for him as he is a year younger than the rest.

Dadi and Mami were very supportive of us. They even wore blue t-shirts to support us.

God is certainly good. Glory to God.

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