Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Recipe Finder for my Grandma

A few years ago, my Ah Mah was very ill. Her mysterious illness took a very long time to recover. During that time, she had lost interest in everything....baking, cooking, gardening and many more. It was probably depression that caused her to not want to do anything.

Towards mid of last year, my Ah Mah started discovering back her true passion in life. She started being her true self, regaining her self esteem and confidence. Now, she is very active in every aspect of her life. She bakes, cooks, does gardening and goes out for fellowship with her relatives and friends. Since last week, she had even gone for cell group meetings.

Since she started baking and cooking, I have been very busy googling for recipes for her. She does not know how to use the iPad or computer. So, she appointed me as her recipe finder. I have been searching for many good recipes for her over the internet.

I am a fan of Amy Beh. I do not know why, but I seem to like her recipes. Simple and good. Amongst the recipes I found for Ah Mah were Chicken Chop, Butter Cake, Chicken Rice, Plain Dhal Curry and many more. It makes me very satisfied when Ah Mah serves a dish based on the recipe I have written for her. It takes a lot of time and effort for me to search and copy word for word on a piece of paper for Ah Mah. She certainly treasures all that I have written for her.

I am happy that I can be part of my Ah Mah's recovery. She loves Shaun Shaun and I very much and she has sacrificed much for our well being. We truly appreciate her.

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