Wednesday, April 02, 2014

My School - Is the Best for Me

I am currently in Year 3. Studying in my school has been fun for me as a student.

The school which I am currently attending had recently switched from the local KSSR syllabus to an international syllabus. Last year was the first year they started international syllabus. There were some minor hiccups with the implementation initially. Some parents were in the opinion that the teaching method and syllabus were not 100% according to Cambridge standard. Till now, not all teachers are fully trained, and not all teachers are teaching the "Cambridge way". I am sure it is not easy for a teacher to switch their teaching method overnight. Nevertheless, I believe that the teachers are doing their best to teach the best they can with the international syllabus. I believe that God will carry the teachers through as they are constantly being prayed for by the school.

I must say that I have been blessed with good teachers from Year 1 till now. My teachers are not perfect, but they are the best to me. They are dedicated and committed to give their best to the students. They are understanding, and tries their best to understand the behaviours, strengths and weaknesses of each child. It is not easy for them to handle 28 students with unique personalities within a class.

My school gives an opportunity for every student to bring out their best potential. All are given the opportunity to hold positions in class. Class Monitors, Assistant Monitors, Book Keepers etc are changed every month to give opportunity to every student to carry out a role. Every student is given the opportunity to prepare for any competitions (e.g. story telling/ show & tell, spelling bee, chinese chess etc). The teachers will then select a few to enter the finals, competing with other classes. There are occasions that students are given the opportunity to serve in playing musical instruments and song lead. For secondary school, the students practically takes over the worship during Chapel services. You don't need to be a super smart student to be a prefect.

There is no studying stress in my school. The amount of homework given is reasonable. There are days that there are no homework. There is constantly progressive test/ assessment given to us. We are expected to revise constantly because our assessments can be on any day. Most of the time, the teacher will inform us of our assessment a few days before. There is no class positions. The school does give end of year awards for best students in the core subjects.

Co-curriculum is lacking in my school. We are not trained for any type of sports during school hours. There are sports activities which a student can join after school holidays. I initially wanted to join the badminton team, but decided to focus on my swimming outside school.

Whether a school is good is actually very personal. I may like my school, but others may not. I may think that the school is fair, but perhaps some may think otherwise. I may think that my teachers are great, but others may think the teachers are not prefect enough.

I am proud to be a student in my school. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

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