Monday, May 05, 2014

Outings with Friends

I am very fortunate to have friends, whose mommies are so friendly and nice. My Mami met them when I was in Primary One. Since then, the mommies have been encouraging my friends and I to meet up as playdates. 
Shaun Shaun and I at the roller blade ring

We have had several outings since Primary One till now. Some joined in the group early this year. I have always looked forward to meeting my friends outside of school. We have gone twice to a friend's club to bowl and swim. We have gone for movies and roller blading together. It is just so fun to be together.

My TiTi, Shaun Shaun loves to be with them too. In school, I am well known amongst his friends, and vice versa. My friends love Shaun Shaun too, as he looks really cute and adorable. He is a boy, well liked.
Shaun Shaun wearing a friend's cap

Roller Blading team

Went for Spider-Man movie on Labour Day.
Shaun was there too. Too shy for photos.

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