Saturday, June 01, 2013

Projects after projects

I have been busy with lots of projects in school. When I am busy, Mami gets busy too.

School has been interesting. Science subject is far the most interesting subject for me.

Over the past month, the emphasis on our science topic was "Minibeast". We had several projects, some individual and some group projects. One of which was to catch a minibeast and prepare a habitat for it. I went hunting for a snail with Dadi one fine morning. However, we did not manage to find a snail. We went for the easiest minibeast to catch..... The Ant.

Sorry as Mami had forgotten to take a picture of my ant habitat. We caught about 20 big black ants. We had to write a science report on our preparation in looking for the minibeast and how we ensured that the minibeast we caught would be safe in our habitat.

We had another group project where each group was given a different habitat and we had to make 2-D or 3-D minibeast that correspondent with the habitat. We had to buy all sorts of materials for it. We had to beautify the habitat with materials too. My group was given a picture of soil, logs and burrow. 

School is certainly fun for me. I can't wait for more projects to come.

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