Saturday, June 01, 2013

Missing Dadi all the time

Dadi was recently away for a week to Geneva and this week, he is away again to Geneva. Although Dadi has been travelling often over the past few years, I would still cry thinking of him most of the time. I would normally cry the first night he is away, missing him so dearly.

My Shaun TiTi is the opposite. Just recently when Dadi was leaving for Geneva, he happily said "Yey, Dadi is going to Geneva". There was a reason behind his cheer. He knows that Dadi would be buying him toys which he had already preselected.

We both love Legos and Legos are cheap in Geneva. He bought several sets of levels for us and I believe he will be buying one more Star Wars set for Shaun when he comes back this round.

Thank you Dadi for your love and generosity. We love you too.

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