Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does prayer work?

Two weeks ago, I had 5 days of English assessment. On one of the day, I somehow felt that the assessment would be difficult.

I normally hang out with this good friend of mine called T. I asked T if she wanted to pray with me before our assessment and she agreed. We prayed together before school started.

When we entered the class, it would be the norm for our teacher to pray with us before the start of our assessment. Our teacher prayed and I said a loud Amen.

During the assessment, I was very worried. We had to rearrange 15 sentences of instructions on how to bake a fairy cake. There were so many words unknown to me. I have never seen Mami bake. In fact, Mami has never baked.

After rearranging the first 6 sentences, I had an idea. My idea was to pray. I knew that God would listen. So, I stopped my work and prayed. After prayer, I looked at my friend T who was seated in front. From the look of her face, I knew she had difficulty in completing the assessment too. I immediately signaled to her with a praying hand. She nodded and understood what I meant. She started to pray.

My version of the story....
I realised that after praying, I somehow knew what to write. I believed that I rearranged the remaining sentences correctly. I was not sure if the first 6 sentences before I prayed were arranged correctly. Till now, I am uncertain because the results were not revealed to us. However, I am convinved that my prayer was answered.

My friend T's version of the story....
After the assessment, T came to me and complaint. She said that although she prayed, it was still difficult. She still did not know what was the right arrangement.

My friend T is a very bright student but is a non-believer. I believe that God would have answered her prayers. Only time will tell and will prove that God answers. I hope that our teacher would run through the answers with us soon. I want to prove to her that God is real and God is good.

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