Friday, September 09, 2016

Wesley Methodist School?

Few months ago, I went for the entrance exam at Wesley Methodist School. It was quite tiring sitting for the entrance exam because the duration of the exam was quite long.

On the day of the exam, I went to school as usual. My Dadi come late morning to pick me up early from school. We had our lunch at home and went to Wesley Methodist School for my entrance exam.

The journey to the school was not very pleasant. Traffic was a little heavy. I never liked sitting in the car for long hours. Sitting through the journey already made me feel tired.

I shall not go through the details of the entrance exam. Cutting the long story short, I was accepted to enter Year 7 in 2017. I am currently in Year 5, and if I accepted the offer, I would be able to skip Year 6 next year, and jump straight to Year 7.

However, my parents and I had decided to decline the offer and for me to remain in SSIS. Many friends do wonder why I went for the entrance exam and did not want to pursue in switching to the new school.  Some asked if it was a cost factor because the fees in Wesley Methodist School for next year is more expensive than my current school. I guess it is difficult to explain.

For me, I personally did not want to switch school. I am happy in my current school. I do not have the heart to change school.

I am sorry as I am unable to express here the reasons why we decided to stay in my current school. It is just too difficult for me to explain.

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