Monday, February 22, 2016

My farewell post to 2015

I have not posted anything since end of last year. The year 2015 ended very well for me. God has been good and gracious. The most joyful part of being a student was that I did well in my studies academically and I am also part of the school's worship team to play the piano. It was an honour for me to play the keyboard during the school's Speech Day last year. I pray that God will continue to grow my talent in the area of music. I was also very proud to see my younger brother Shaun TiTi to received two awards with me. He certainly worked hard for it too.

My Shaun TiTi

In addition to that, Shaun TiTi and I also received a Kumon Award for excelling in maths. We were doing worksheets 5 years ahead from our age group. I was also honoured to be selected as a Moderator for a session, and received RM250 MPH vouchers as a moderator. It was certainly an auspicious occasion for us at JW Marriot.

God was certainly faithful to see us through. I know that He will continue to be faithful to see me through.

I bid 2015 farewell and now that I am in 2016, I know that there will be lots of work for me. It will be a challenging year as I start serving in church on the keys. I pray that God will use me to do His work. I pray that I am able to manage my time well, as I am very active in my swimming training now. I pray that I am able to excel in swimming as well. I have participated recently in 2 swim competitions over the past month, and I pray that through these exposures, I am able to be a better swimmer.

God bless.

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