Monday, May 30, 2016

Teacher's Day

I celebrated Teacher's Day in the most meaningful way this year. I composed a song to express my feelings towards my teachers. This is how much I truly appreciate all my teachers.

I shall pen down the lyrics of the song here, for me to remember this song because this song is very dear to me.

When I was young
I didn't know a lot of things
I had no where to turn
Had no where to go

I prayed all day
Seeking light through the dark tunnel
Oh God come hear my prayer
Come hear my heart's desire

You came into my life
Shining like a star
Could you be the answer to our prayer

Thank you for all the smiles you bring to me
Thank you for all the help you gave to me
Thank you for all the times you held my hands
What will I be without you
Without you

And as I grew
You taught me kindness and love
Friendship, respect for all
You build my confidence

You gave me wisdom
And also lots of knowledge
I am all that I can be
I will shine for you

My teachers were all touched by the song. Shaun Shaun Titi and I sang a duet, as I played the piano. Shaun was great.... he sang very well.

Happy Teacher's Day.

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