Sunday, March 31, 2013


Dadi and Mami allowed me to choose a child to sponsor today. There was a Pastor who came to our church. He shared about his ministry in Borneo. He and his wife sold off all they had in Australia many many years ago to love, care, feed and shelter dying children.

As I was seeing many people going to a particular table in church, looking at some photographs, Mami explained that these children requires sponsorship and support. After understanding what it was, I immediately told Mami that I wanted to sponsor a child. I went to Dadi and asked for his permission. Then I selected a child and agreed that I would sponsor that child. How did I choose this child? It was because he was the same age as I was.

I know that I do not have the money to sponsor yet, but I am sure Mami will graciously pay on my behalf. I will play my part to pray for this child in return. I get to keep this photo and details so that I can pray for him. Perhaps one day, we will meet.

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