Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am blessed

I am very blessed. Blessed with good family and friends.

There is a church friend whom I want to mention and remember here in my blog. Her name is Aunty Mei Leng.

I came to know her more when we were involved in the Christmas project last year. I was blessed to be chosen to be in the same group with her. We visited the homes of the rumah panjang families together. We brought gifts and lunch for them. We ate together and I was asked to pray for them before we left. The next day, I followed Aunty Mei Leng to a place called Dong Lai. There were many children there. It was quite a journey there. It was also a wet and cold day. We had lots of fun singing and playing with the children. We made a factory line to serve dinner to them.

Since then, I became more attached to Aunty Mei Leng because she took care of me throughout the trips. She reminded me to drink water and go for my toilet breaks in-between. She drove me back to my home after the trip.

Some time ago, Aunty Mei Leng came to visit me. She requested from my Mami to bring me out for a date. She brought me to Cravings at Tesco Extra and we had a nice time of fellowship over a banana split ice cream. Aunty Mei Leng had mushroom soup with garlic bread. In return, I played a few songs on the Electone and Piano for her to enjoy. Oh...... I was so happy that Mami gave me money to pay for the treat. We felt so honoured that Aunty Mei Leng came to our house to visit us, despite her busy schedules.

On the following day, Aunty Mei Leng gave me a card when we met in church. It was a great surprise. Here is the card for you to read.

I thank God for Aunty Mei Leng. She has been a great blessing to me. It is such a joy to see her every Sunday morning greeting me as I enter the church. 

I am truly blessed.

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