Friday, March 08, 2013

Busy year for me

I have been very busy since school started. There have been a few new activities added to my schedule. Despite my hectic schedule, I am still very much happy with it.

My school has changed from the Local KSSR syllabus to Cambridge syllabus. I am happy over the new syllabus because there are alot more interesting projects, group work and activities. We started the beginning of the year learning how to make a comic strip. Now, we are learning how to do a drama. Next week will be our drama presentation and our group will be presenting "The Cinderella Story". I have been appointed as the group leader and will be the narrator for this play.

I am progressing well in music. I will be sitting for the Yamaha Grade 9 Piano examination this August. I am at Grade 8 for my Electone but Mami has decided not to register me for any Electone examination until Grade 7.

Three new activities added to my schedule this year. I am taking drama and speech classes through my school's curriculum, swimming and Kumon. I am coping well with my schedule so far.

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Very interesting syllabus...much better than the KSSR one that focuses mainly on the academic aspect. Enjoy all your new activities!