Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special Delivery

Shaun Shaun and I received a special delivery all the way from Ipoh. It was sent through Pos Laju.

I was all excited when I came back from school last Friday to see our package. I immediately opened it and this was what we received....

It was a box of BEYBLADES! Mah Mah bought this for us as a reward for my good results in school. The box came with 2 attack and 1 balance beyblades, with a yellow launcher. Mah Mah knew that I like the balance type and Shaun prefers the attack type. However, when we started playing them, my little brother claimed that his was the balance type. This has always been Shaun's habit once he sees a beyblade more powerful than another. So, I am left with the attack ones which are not my favourites.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy playing them, and I guess I did not mind giving mine to my little brother. 

Thank you Mah Mah for this wonderful present. Shaun Shaun and I have been playing with this all day.

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