Friday, June 22, 2012

Confidential Report

Mami came to school yesterday and met my teacher to collect my Confidential Report. I have done well and Mami is really proud of me. The teacher managed to share one weakness of mine. My teacher mentioned that I would normally avoid eye contact when I talk. I am normally shy to look at people in the eyes. She spotted it when I had to go in front to talk to the class. Mami knew about this weakness of mine and is amazed with the teacher who is sharp at observing this. This proves my relevation about this teacher. I have always told my Mami that this teacher has eyes like an eagle. She can see anything we do, even though we do not see her physical presence. No wonder she is also the disciplinary teacher in our school. Nevertheless, I am proud that she is my class teacher. She is a very dedicated and good teacher. I respect her very much. I thank God for her.

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