Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sharing Jesus' Love

There is one advantage of going to a Christian School.

Every week we are exposed to the Bible. Every week we learn about God and Jesus. Because every student is exposed to the Bible one way or another, it is not uncommon for us to talk about God and Jesus. In such an environment, I am not afraid to say anything about the Bible, or even tell my friends about Jesus.

Many times during my devotion time with Mami, I am being asked "What can you do to share about Jesus to your friends?". I would always tell Mami that I am afraid. I remember last year, she asked me to tell a kindergarden friend of mine that Jesus loves her. I hesitated and eventually, I did not say it because I was shy. I told Mami that I wasn't sure if she was a Christian or what she would say in return.

Well, I am beginning to be a little more open about this. I am still afraid, but I did move a small little step ahead. Today, I gave each of my classmates the little note that I wrote "Jesus loves you". I suggested to Mami that I wanted to do this.

I was very happy to have given all my notes to everyone. But the happiest moment was when another classmate of mine requested for another card. I didn't have any extra. I gave my last card to my class teacher. He begged me for another. I found out from him that his sister who was only 3 years old is suffering from Leukaemia. He said it was a deadly disease. I promised him that I would make an extra card for his sister. He reminded me to ensure that I made a note exactly the same for him. I gave him my word.

I was happy, not because my friend's sister was sick. I was happy because I thought that maybe my card would help someone in need. I told Mami as soon as she picked me up and requested for her to stop at Tesco before headed home. I needed to buy the cards to make new ones.

I told Mami the seriousness of the disease. I didn't give much description. I just said that a person can die with such a sickness. Mami reminded me that we should pray for her healing tonight and that God will touch her heart when she sees the card. I am not too sure if she is a Christian, but she is only 3 years old.

Mami said that she prays that I am able to share Jesus' love to my friends and be an instrument of God. I don't quite understand how I can be an instrument, but I hope I can play an instrument for God in the future. I wonder if that is the same.


Irene said...

It is good to start from young, to share about the good news. I'm so happy for you, Ben. Praying that God will use you mightily in the years to come. Happy easter!

Little Kit Boy said...

Oh little Ben, you are such a nice boy with good heart. I'm sure your parents must be very proud of you as you are so caring despite at your young age.

Keep it up and Happy Easter to you.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I am sure you will grow up to be the person that mummy and God want you to be as you have got wonderful parents and a wonderful Christian school!