Saturday, April 07, 2012

Can you share God's love to kidnappers?

My English teacher in school was telling us stories about her childhood days when she was able to go for many adventures, like climbing a tree, watching spider fights and many more interesting activities. She added that it was a different from today because for us, we have to be very watchful about safety and kidnappers. It is no longer safe for children to go out alone for these adventures. I shared this with Mami and she agreed.

Then I asked Mami why did God make kidnappers in the world. Mami replied saying that God made man, and some man became bad because they do not know God. They do not know about God's love for them. She added that this is the reason why we share God's love to people who are not Christians.

Then I told Mami that it would be too dangerous to share God's love to kidnappers. What if I share God's love to kidnappers and then the kidnappers will say "God? Who is God, Where is God?". The kidnappers will turn around and when there is no God to be seen, he would straight away capture and kidnap me.

Mami was speechless.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Ann said...

Share, by all means.

It takes alot to walk into a den of thieves...and it is a calling. And God will give you wisdom when and where to go.