Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Holidays are good

This morning, my Shaun TiTi told Mami "I don't want to go to school....". When I heard that, I immediately told Mami that Shaun still has not gotten over the 1-week school holidays. Mami then responded:

Mami: That is why children should always go to school. I wish there were no school holidays.... And that is why you need to do homework during school holidays, so that children don't get lazy. That is also why Mami gives you lots of exercises to do during school holidays.

Me: Mami, there must be school holidays. Teachers work during school days. School holidays are supposed to be for teachers to rest. Mami should work during school holidays. Teachers teach children during school days, and Mami teaches during school holidays.

Mami: Sigh..... Mami has so much to do.

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