Monday, September 05, 2011


Dadi and Mami went to BookFest 2011 yesterday evening. It was a last minute decision to go before the end of the BookFest.

They bought me many interesting books and some Primary One workbooks too. I've got pictures of some of my books. All books bought for me were to prepare me for Primary One. Hhm.. I wonder who is more stressed, Mami or me?

The below three books are some classic malay stories, all in English. Mami said that it would be good for me to read to prepare me for Primary One. I'm not sure why.

There is a set of 8 books below, all with moral values. The books are in two languages, both English and Malay. These books are to teach me about safely. Can you imagine how stressful Mami is preparing me for Primary One. She thinks that I'll get lost when I go to school, or get bulling in school, or I'll get locked in a room?, or injured while playing? etc etc.

I know Dadi and Mami loves me very much. I love them too. Dadi managed to read one book to me last night before bedtime: "Mencegah Penculikan". One of the tips in the book asked "Do you know your parent's phone number?". Of course! I've memorised it all in my head :) Don't worry. and Jesus will be with me to protect me too. Amen.

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