Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Post from Mami about me :)

I am truly blessed with Benjamin. I am always reminded of the song which William and I sang in church during Benjamin's baby dedication service. The song goes like this:


Lord we dedicate
Yes, we consecrate
This child unto You

For Your Purposes
For Your Perfect Plan
For all the thing You'll have him do

Lord we give back to You
This child You've given me
For he belongs to You

He's just a loan of love
A gift from above
And we give him back to You


Benjamin is truly a gift from God.

Benjamin is a child who is matured enough to understand many things. He understands many things in the Bible, and believes in Jesus. He believes that Jesus is there to help him. He prays when he needs help.

During his exams, he prayed that Jesus would help him in his exams, and he would always come back happy with his results.

Benjamin is also a thinker. He loves to worry and think, especially before he goes to bed. You can never imagine how worried he was last year when he took his first examination in his kindergarden. He was so worried about not being able to score perfect marks. He prayed day and night for all 5 days of his exams (and even before his exams). I thank God he did very well. He had 2nd place for the 1st semester and 1st place in his finals last year. This year, he had 2nd place for the 1st semester. So, I'm not too sure why he worries so much.

2 months ago I was ill for more than 1 month. My cough and sinus were bad. One day, the ENT advised me to go for a minor surgery. Benjamin cried before going to bed. He hugged me and asked if I had to go to the hospital and stay overnight. He prayed earnestly for me. He would sometimes come back and tell me that he prayed in school for me too. That was when he would always remind me to partake the holy communion at home for healing.

Benjamin studies hard too. He was certainly more hardworking last year compared to this year. Perhaps he didn't know what to expect in his kindergarden last year because it was his first exposure to a Chinese medium kindergarden. This year, I would need to push him to his room to study and he would obediently go most of the time. However, when it comes to his homework, I can be assured that he would diligently complete his homework daily without being told.

Benjamin is certainly an obedient and loving boy. He loves his little brother very much. He loves to take care of Shaun, but unfortunately Shaun wants his ways and refuses his brother. I know Benjamin is a perfect brother for little Shaun.

Benjamin has a teachable spirit. I thank God that he is a boy whom is easy to teach, easy to guide and easy to take care off.

Benjamin is also very talented in music. He has good ears and can play a few songs by ear. He requires minimum guidance in his music lessons.

Benjamin's weakness is his sensitivity. He can be overly sensitive at times. He then worries about it. He is also fearful meeting fierce people, especially fierce teachers.

I thank God for this little child, Benjamin.

Benjamin's Proud Mother,

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