Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Long absence....

It's been super long since there has been an update because so many things have happened in the past 4 months. My Ah Mah was very ill, so, she couldn't take care of me (Ah Mah is currently staying in Ah Ku's house). So, my Kakak has been taking care of me during the day. It's nice with Kakak, because I get to play and play and play with her.

Over the past 4 months, Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah have been visiting me more often. Last week, they were here for 6 days to spend some time with me.

I have been a little more independent at home. I sometimes eat on my own, run to the toilet to shi shi on my own and i know how to use the telephone to call my mummy, daddy, yeh yeh or ah kim. I have also been learning to write letters to yeh yeh, and i receive letters in return. Clever or not?

Oh, by the way, i've got a new hair cut. Mami was very sad with my hair being so short. But many people said i look nice.... more like a big big boy now.

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