Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dustbin Man

I have been telling everyone that I want to be a Dustbin Man. Mami looked puzzled, and she kept repeating that Dustbin Man doesn't need to go to school and that they get very little money to buy anything that they want. How to buy my Taxi Car (Oh.... I also like to buy Taxi Car)? I replied Mami, "No....I want to be Dustbin Man who can get money one....".

Mami: I can't seem to understand why Ben likes to be a Dustbin Man. Also, my mum had earlier been using a Hyundai Elantra Car and Ben associates that car as a Taxi Car. Since we sold the car and bought a MyVi, Ben has been telling us that he doesn't like the car, and he wants the Taxi Car. Somehow I think that Ben prefers that Taxi Car because the car is lower and is easy for Ben to get up/down from the car, and he is capable of opening/closing the car door himself. For MyVi, the car door is more heavy, and he requires assistance most of the time.

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