Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's been awhile since Mami had helped me blogged about me. How have I been?

I still love Thomas & friends. Mami and Dadi have been graciously buying wooden trains for me to play. I would lay out the wooden tracks at home to play. Wish I could play all day and not sleep.

I have started learning how to write some alphabets. Not that pretty, but I guess you should be able to make up the alphabet.

As there is still no "kakak" at home, Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah have been busy with the "house" and with Shaun Shaun. Dadi and Mami would take turns to play train with me. I would always chase Shaun Shaun away from my train tracks. He keeps destroying them... especially my bridge.

Mami and Dadi have been teaching me how to share my toys. I really dislike sharing, but sometimes I have no choice. Mami said that if I didn't share my toys with Shaun Shaun, she would take away one train from me and give it away. I try to share..... but not my Thomas trains. I would tell Shaun Shaun that Thomas trains are for big boys. Baby needs to play with baby toys.

I try to sayang Shaun Shaun also..... Most of the time Shaun Shaun would come and disturb me to sayang me. I would normally push him away. But there was once he was so focused on the TV, I attempted to sayang him... but he did not respond :( So, what can I do?

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