Monday, December 25, 2006

Blessed Christmas

Mami and Dadi said that I have to wish everyone Blessed Christmas. Although i don't know what Christmas is all about, but I know it has something to do with Jesus.

Am very very happy because lately so many people have been giving me things which are wrapped with many many coloured papers. I received so many things. Got soft toy (bear & big dog), books, VCDs (Barney), chocolates, toys and many many more. Mami said I should thank Jesus for all the nice people who love me so much.

Last night, Mami and Dadi went to church without me. So sad. I couldn't go because it was my sleeping time. So, Mami and Dadi showed me photos of Nicolas koko and Ashley Cheh Cheh in their Christmas play. They looked a lil' different. Wonder why??

Blessed Christmas to you & your family. Thank you all for your love towards Benjamin. We thank God for YOU ! ! ! God bless you. ~ William & Joanne

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