Friday, December 22, 2006

My favourites . . .

What i love best . . . . .

1) Kai-kai . I bet it's everybody's favourite.
2) Barney and Make Way for Noddy shows. I love to hug and kiss my Barney toy too.
3) Soft-toys. Who said boys cannot hug soft-toys? My Lau-Yee bought me a big teddy bear for Christmas and i simply love it.
4) Playing with Nicolas Koko and Ashley Cheh Cheh. It's so fun, jumping and playing things which i don't quite understand.
5) Flipping my Peter & Jane book. I just love to flip them.... not read them.
6) Flashcards. I love to point at them so that mami can read them for me. This is to test if mami knows the words.
7) My new tricycle.
8) I love to doodle with my colour pencils on paper and i also have a doodle board. Love to draw and write number "1". It's so easy. Just a line will do.
9) Wooden pull-train.
10) Balloons.

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