Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cooking and Baking Spree

My Ah Mah and Mami have been very active in the kitchen lately. Ah Mah is back to her active self like before. She has gone to a cooking and baking spree at home.

I have been engaged by Ah Mah to actively look for recipes daily from the Internet. I am an expert in searching for Amy Beh's recipes. She is Ah Mah's favourite chef.

There was a day when I watched a show call "I Can Cook" from Cbeebies and was keen to try out a recipe. Ah Mah and Mami prepared all the ingredients for Shaun and I to prepare and bake. We tried, but it did not turn out very nice. Perhaps I should try recipes from Amy Beh too.

Here we are.....all ready....

Work, work, work

Just before the oven
Mami forgotten to take a photo of the output.....but it all sank down after removing them from the oven :(


Health Freak Mommy said...

I would love to be your neighbor so that my girls can join you all during those cooking sprees :)

Ben and Shaun said...

Yes, yes, we welcome you.